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Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma Successfully Held  "Scientific Action Plans for the Prevention and Treatment of Major Diseases" Implementation Plan and Annual Conference 2016

On Feb 19, Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma held the “Scientific Action Plans for the Prevention and Treatment of Major Disease” Implementation Plan and Annual Conference 2016 on the second floor of C3 Building, Innovation Trading Platform, Innovation Park, Wuhan Biolake.

Deputy Director of the Wuhan National Biological Industry Base Construction Management Office, Deping Qian; Vice President of Wuhan Research Institute of Biotechnology, Shang Gao; Director of Wuhan National Biological Industry Base Construction Management Office Industry Department, Lü Li; Branch Officer/Director Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Xi Yu; Director of the Research Center for Safety Evaluation of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Aiping Wang; Director of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation Center in Hubei Province, Lijun Tang; Managers of Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma; Representatives of Zhangjiang and Taizhou Subsidiaries and all Employees of Wuhan subsidiary attended the conference.

The conference theme was “Big Health, Big Dream, Big Industry, Big Value”, and it was hosted by Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma Chief Human Officer of, Ms. Lei Cao.

A. National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as ‘DCMST-NHFPC’) has launched and is chairing the “Scientific Action Plans for the Prevention and Treatment of Major Disease” (hereinafter referred to as ‘Action Plans’), and Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma has been appointed as their implementation organization. The President of Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma, Dr Jun Ren, elaborated the innovation model of the Action Plans’ Key Projects. He emphasized the five characteristics of the Key Projects as follows: (a) adhere to research and promote an integrated management of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases; (b) adhere to cover the whole course of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation; (c) adhere to carry out to research and promote individualized treatments combined with precision medicine, in a patient-centric approach; (d) promote the cooperation of medical institutions of all levels; (e) adhere to cooperate with international research institutions, and introduce key technologies. He further highlighted the three major innovations of the Key Projects’ organization processes as follows: (a) combine innovation brought by the industry, the clinic and the research; (b) assessment and management of innovation by a dedicated third-party; (c) leverage state funds and social funds together to participate in the establishment of translational medicine national awards. He clarified and defined the essence of the Key Projects as follows: (a) shape and promote specific technology standards for clinical diagnosis, evaluation criteria or treatment guidelines by conducting large multicenter clinical studies with suitable product applications; (b) promote appropriate technologies and standards in healthcare to various levels of the healthcare system via medical reform, particularly via the construction of three-level medical system; (c) convert research into products and technological achievements by carrying out medical research on un-marketed products.

B. Deputy Director of the Wuhan National Biological Industry Base Construction Management Office, Deping Qian took part in this conference and gave a speech. He fully endorsed Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma and Wuhan Biolake New Drug Incubation Platform’s contribution to the construction and development of Biolake. He hoped that Newsummit could enhance the exchanges and cooperation between Biolake and Newsummit, and attract more high-quality companies or platforms to settle into Biolake. President of Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma, Dr Jun Ren, presented the “Newsummit Ivy Health Industry Development Promotion Award” to the office of Biolake, at the 15th anniversary of Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma, and gave thanks for the outstanding contributions made by Biolake to the Chinese biology industry.

C. Head of the Key Projects, Jing Tao, introduced the project management approach for Action Plans launched by DCMST-NHFPC. She introduced the background and significance of the Action Plans. At present, the first batch of seven Key Projects are, respectively, Trauma and Wound Healing, Cancer , Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Infectious and Communicable Diseases, Respiratory Diseases and Clinical Diagnostics & Testing. She introduced the support directions for clinical research from pre-clinical translational research for new products, evidence-based and post-market evaluation, to health economics evaluation (therapeutics) and assessment / promotion of appropriate health technology. She presented core implementation points, research contents of the Specials and application processes of the Specials.

D. Various Newsummit subsidiary managers gave lectures on the conference. Deputy General Manager of Wuhan subsidiary, Dehong Xu, introduced the ‘Work Plan for Wuhan Biolake New Drug Incubator and Service Platform on New Drug Research’. He highlighted the Guangdong model of the Key Projects and expressed that the start of Hubei Key Project would develop the performance of Wuhan subsidiary to a new level. Deputy General Manager of Taizhou subsidiary, Jing Ni, introduced the ‘Construction and Implementation Plan of the New Drug Industrialization Service Platform in 2016’. He highlighted the National Science and Technology Progress Award, as well as the steps and targets for setting up an integrated medicine-teaching-manufacturing-research base construction in Wenzhou. Deputy General Manager of Zhangjiang subsidiary, Zhanhong Qu, introduced the ‘Construction and Implementation Plan for Healthcare Service Platform in 2016’, and stressed the professional technical service platform was a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of Key Projects.

E. Newsummit Chief Human Resources Officer presented a series of rewards to Newsummit outstanding staff for 2015, which included: Contribution Award for Performance, New Manager Star Award and Leadership Award for Excellence. Such performance incentives motivate all of Newsummit staff to move forward every day!

F. In the evening, Newsummit held a dinner party at Erfei Villa in Wuhan Optical Vally. During the dinner, Lu Shi, general manager of Hubei Jidengfeng sang a song, greeted with applause throughout the venue; martial arts from Huangjiayiquan team were full of vigor and vitality; staff from Newsummit danced, had games, sketches, songs and other fantastic programs. The whole dinner was filled with laughter and held in a very upbeat atmosphere. The annual meeting ended perfectly with the song “Tomorrow Will Be Even Better”, paving the way for Newsummit to achieve great success and realize its dreams in 2016.


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