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The IND Sumbission of of Biological New Drug (Category I)“ZD55-IL-24” to the East Lake Branch of Food and Drug Administration of Hubei Province

On May 29th, 2015, the full set of the application documents of the first key IND project of Wuhan NSB in 2015 - Biological New Drug (category I)“ZD55-IL-24” were completed. This project was entrusted by Shanghai Xiyuan Biological Technology co., LTD and led by Wuhan Biolake New Drug Incubation Public Service Platform, which lasted for 6 years, cost 6 million RMB yuan, and 7 cities and 5 downstream platform were involved. The full set IND application documents were handed by leader of drug administration of Wuhan NSB Weiliang Zhou, project assistant Hui Cheng and pharmaceutical researcher Yixuan Gong over to the East Lake branch of food and drug administration of Hubei province on 10:00am that day. On June 18th, the receipt from the food and drug administration of Hubei province was received, which means we have completed the IND service for this project and reached a new milestone.

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