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1. Procurement mode

Newsummit’s procurement is mainly divided into two categories: (1) procurement of outsourced of labor services (the most important), and (2) procurement of experiment materials, reagents and equipment.

For pre-clinical research services, most new drugs’ safety evaluation needs to be completed by a GLP-certified laboratory. Therefore, pharmacology and toxicology studies will be outsourced according to customer requests. Project managers or project leader will extensively collect outsourcing organization information based on their proposal in terms of technical personnel, and check their qualifications in order to assess their professionalism and skills. Qualified organizations will be added into the list of preferred vendors, and an agreement will be signed for outsourcing relevant labor services.

For clinical research services, current regulations stipulate that clinical studies need to be carried out in clinical institutions accredited by the China Food and Drug Administration. Therefore Newsummit outsources such services to qualified clinical research institutions. Newsummit relies on a comprehensive list of clinical research institutions, including institutions’ name, areas of expertise, researchers’ profile, R&D experience etc. Upon signature of a clinical research services contract with Newsummit, we can quickly pick out the most qualified research institute(s) taking into account all those factors. In a second step, Newsubmmit communicates with research institutions and confirms their participation in the project. At this stage, a contract will be signed between Newsummit and the institution for the supply of clinical research services.

Given the average duration of CRO contracts, Newsummit has developed a qualified supplier list, with established long-term business relationships that stabilize cooperation and reduce the outsourcing cost of labor. At present, Newsummit has established good relationships with many suppliers. Stable cooperation with suppliers can not only improve efficiency of CRO services, but also allow for a longer credit period from suppliers, thereby reducing costs.

Purchasing of experimental materials, reagents, and equipment is first subject to a request by the technical staff, and transferred to purchasing personnel for centralized procurement.

2. Service mode

Newsummit CRO service mode is to provide drug R&D services in accordance with the regulations and customer requirements, mainly including pre-clinical and clinical research services.

CRO services cover the preclinical and clinical research stages. Each stage has its own service content, but our essential objective always remains to save time and capital, so as to allow pharmaceutical companies or new drug R&D ventures to reap the maximum benefits of specialized outsourcing services. In order to improve service efficiency and the success rate of drug R&D, Newsummit innovatively developed a service management system – GRDP (Good Research and Development Practices) is one of the core competitive advantages of Newsummit.

Inspired by various State regulations such as “Non-clinical research quality practices for pharmaceuticals” (GLP), “Clinical trial quality practices for pharmaceuticals“ (GCP) and “Manufacturing quality practices for drug“ (GMP), GRDP is a full set of simple, modular, standardized workflow processes and systems for new drug R&D.

After signing CRO service contracts with customers, Newsummit splits the work to different teams according to the GRDP system to complete the drug pharmacodynamics/pharmacology/toxicology, clinical studies etc. If in-house experimental capabilities do not allow to complete the R&D, related work will be subcontracted to a qualified supplier. Technology and information/data are transferred to customers after the research is completed. Newsummit can also assist its customers in applying for clinical trial permission or drug production licenses.

3. Marketing mode

Newsummit offers services to clients directly As business-to-business organizations, CRO companies normally do not communicate with to general public and seldom invest in broad-range marketing, limiting themselves mainly to establish company brand recognition in their industry. It is through controling quality and cost, improving work efficiency that they eventually meet clients’ requests.

Currently, the marketing mode of Newsummit is divided into the following parts:

The first marketing model is “market via platforms”. Newsummit has been cooperating with Shanghai Zhangjiang Biotech and Pharmaceutical Base (ZJ Innopark), Wuhan National Biological Industry Innovation Base (Biolake), Taizhou Medical Hi-Tech Industrial Park Management Committee (China Medical City) and other pharmaceutical clusters, and established incubation platform with integrated CRO services, using platforms’ influence to attract clients for expanding cooperation opportunities.

The second marketing model is “market via brand recognition”. Newsummit has been focusing on CRO services for many years, consistently providing services in accordance with high-quality, high-standards requirement, and has innovatively developed GRDP a service-management system, resulting in more professional and efficient corporate image and outstanding client reputation. Therefore, most clients who have done business with us or are cooperating with us maintain contact with Newsummit when they have new business requests and also introduce new clients to Newsummit.

The third marketing model is “initiative marketing”. Given Newsummit’s constant business development efforts, solely relying on the aforementioned platforms or brand influence for bringing project cooperation maynot be sufficient on the long run. Therfore, Newsummit has set up a new commercial department, expanding business through participating in and organising of professional exhibitions and forums, website advertising, and strengthening communication with research institutions or hospitals, with notable results.


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